Tell Me a Story: Adventures in Taco Bell

tell your story A nineteen year old should never be placed in charge of other nineteen year olds on the late shift at a fast food restaurant.



When I was nineteen, I was the shift manager at a Taco Bell. In the eight months that I worked there before moving to the Caribbean, I had a number of interesting adventures that were mostly not my fault.

There was the epic food fight with caulking guns filled with guacamole and sour cream.  I can honestly attest to the fact that sour cream is not as powerful a weapon as guacamole is.  It is also really stinky the next morning if you fall asleep before rinsing it out of your hair. Just saying. For future reference, if that is ever a problem that you run into.

Ok, I admit, that was completely, partially my fault.

It’s only the second funniest thing to happen to me. The most amusing thing that happened while I worked there was the time a truck driver tried to back his 18-wheeler up to the drive-thru window.  See by law and for security purposes, most fast food places are not allowed to help people who walk up to a drive-thru window.

It was late at night and the lobby part of the restaurant had already closed.  The truck driver was angry that we wouldn’t serve him when he walked up to the window so he tried to reverse up to it but got stuck.  Which was bad.

It was compounded by a convertible full of teenage boys who decide to prank us at the exact same time. They pulled up to the speaker and ordered a hundred tacos, then laughing at us, they raced around the corner and right into the back of the truck.  I’m not certain why the 911 operator had trouble believing my story when I called them.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction

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