Tell Me a Story: Just who is the hero here anyway?

roses2Hi, my name is Killarney Sheffield, former natural horsemanship trainer and coach, turned award winning, multi-published historical romantic adventure author. I have been an animal lover all my life and the evidence of that seems to work its way into many of my novels. For example: My release Through Gypsy Eyes is a story set in early 1800’s England, but has a very unusual character, Jester, the seeing eye pony.

Yes, you heard that right. It all started with a beloved family Shetland and a show I saw on Animal Planet about a lady who trains miniature horses as ‘guide ponies’ for the blind. Because horses and other animals are close to my heart ‘Jester’ threatened to take over my romance novel and quite literally run away with it.

Same too with my newest historical romantic adventure, Love’s Magic. The story is about a female magician, and what magician is complete without the rabbit the pull out of their hat? In reality ‘Dexter’ the black Holland Lop rabbit in the story was in real life my son’s favorite pet, and a true character in his own right! Yes, Dexter could give Houdini a run for his money any day.

Everyone has that pet or pets that just has so much personality they stand out and steal the show right? Be it a dog, cat, horse, rabbit or what have you, they make you laugh, smile and sometimes even cry. They love you and you love them. Unconditional love; that is what my romances are about after all and the best example of that comes from animals. So you see, as a farm gal and animal lover romance novels and animals seem the perfect match. Sometimes I even have to ask myself just who is the hero here anyway?

LovesMagic_png1200longside_72dpiCheck out this brief blurb for Love’s Magic releasing March 17th:

A female magician, a not so innocent black rabbit, a treasure map, a duke firm in his convictions, a band of pirates, and romance equals mayhem in the making! Celeste Summers is a self-reliant vegetarian magician, and her sidekick is a mischievous black rabbit named Dexter. It’s the kind of mixture that can get you burned at the stake in 1820. All Lord Devlin Rutland wants is to see Celeste taken care of as his father instructed, but wedding a girl who may not be dealing a full deck of cards is not easy. Celeste sees opportunity to foil his plans when she comes across a map to a pirate’s treasure, but Devlin is after the same booty. Foolishly, she bargains with a stranger, finds herself double-crossed, at the mercy of pirates, and in need of Devlin’s aid. Devlin comes to the rescue, but he has an ethical dilemma. He can ensure that Celeste honors her betrothal to him, or set her free with the treasure and his heart. His only other choice is to persuade her that Love’s Magic is enough to bind them together.


Get the book here: Amazon



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