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Ten Twitter Mistakes.

Social MediaThat you might be making, but shouldn’t.  Things that in general will do nothing but annoy your followers:

1. Posting your follow/unfollow stats.

No one cares about this but you, seriously, no one.

2. Daily horoscopes.

3. Sending automatic direct messages when someone follows you.

Technically speaking, that is considered spam and could get you blocked & banned.

4. Posting nothing but sales pitches.

Twitter is a conversation. Slamming someone in the head with your product is not engaging in conversation.

5. Devolving into an argument with someone who disagrees with you on something.

Just walk away, ignore the person.  If you’re using Twitter to promote yourself as an author or a business, engaging with a troll or even just a regular follower who disagrees with you only makes you look bad.

6.  Sending individual tweets to every single follower with a link to buy your book/product.

It’s spam. Stop it.

7.  Using all caps, or alternating cApS.

It’s annoying. Stop it.

8. Being a robot.

It’s important to have a personality, unless you are a robot, then I can’t help you.

9.  Not mixing it up.

If you post the same things every single day, it gets repetitive and incredibly boring.

10. Taking without giving.

If you want people to share your posts, you have to engage with them and share theirs.  Quid pro quo.




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Who the bleep are my likes?

DSCF5965wb  In the past week, I’ve had several author friends ask me how they find out who likes their pages.  I figured that they couldn’t be the only ones that wondered so here’s how I found the likes on my business page.

If you have an author page and want to see who likes you:

– on your Admin Panel, select edit page and go down to use Facebook as your page.

– then at the top of the screen on the blue bar, you should see an icon with two people.

– right click on it, and then again on ‘see all’.

– a pop-up should come up that shows you all of the people who like your page.

The key point is that you have to be using facebook as the page itself, not as your regular FB. To change back to ‘yourself from the page’ just go back to ‘edit page’ and selected use Facebook as ‘you.’

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