The FAQ…I do love acronyms.

Warning: I occasionally swear in mutiple languages.  It’s a moral imperative of mine to learn all the best curse words in as many languages as possible.  Feel free to share. =)

Additional Warning: Just about everything on this blog aside from language, should be safe for work. Should be.

I am also prone to sudden subject changes.  Water.

What do I talk about?

Photography. Food. Reviews. Random Nonsense.  Since I am a virtual assistant to authors, I talk about writing, the writing world and social media.

What do I review?

Books..mainly.  Though I don’t review my clients’ books.

Who is Bacon?


Bacon is the ruler of the universe. And also my Chihuahua.


I do occasionally participate in blog hops.  And am also occasionally willing to host giveaways on my blog.

Link Exchanges?

Click on the link tab in the menu for more information on that.

Review Stuff

What do I review?

Again, primarily books.

Genre: Romance/Chick-Lit: Paranormal, historical, fantasy, contemporary

Non-Fiction: Memoirs, cookbooks.

And other stuff.

I can be reached at: info at jaromarbles dot com.


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