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The value of a dollar.

05312009-003wbThere are a few things that are truly pet peeves for me when it comes to books and reading.  Poor grammar, spelling, formatting, etc are certainly high on my list. But lately, there is one thing that has truly been annoying me about ebooks.  There is this trend of super, super short ebooks.  So short that it feels insulting to call it a complete book that are way overpriced.

I see all these 5,000 word books for $2.99 on amazon. I’m amazed. Like really? That’s barely two or three chapters at most. $1.00 a chapter? That feels like robbery to me.

And these aren’t from publishing houses, so the authors do have some control over the pricing.  Here’s the thing.  You shouldn’t under-price your work, but you also shouldn’t overprice it.  I can get a full paperback novel for $6.99.  Why would I voluntarily pay half of that for a book that has three chapters in it?

I’m not certain if there’s a rule book or a list for book pricing, but if there was it should look something like this:

for Ebooks:

< – 10,000 words = $.99 – $1.50

10,000 words – 30,000 = $2.00 – 3.99

30,000 – 50,000 = $4.00+


I think 6.99 is a fair price.

Don’t get me started on how overpriced hardbacks can be.

I’m curious, what do other readers and authors think about the fluctuating prices of the ebook world right now??

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Book Photo Challenge: Bookish Place


The only bookish place in my house is my bookshelf which is packed to the point of being double stacked.  My hubby and I both work from home so space is limited.  It makes getting the books on the back rows complicated, and sometimes they all come tumbling down lol.

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Book Photo Challenge: Book Haul

03092014-004wb  Book Haul was the challenge for toady, so here’s a stack of the most recent books that I’ve purchased.

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Book Photo Challenge: Borrowed

03072014-017wbThis might technically be cheating.  Today’s word was ‘borrowed.’ I don’t generally lend books to anyone, and I don’t currently have any books that I’ve borrowed either from the library or a friend.

So instead, I decided to take a photo of a couple of books that I originally borrowed from the library and then enjoyed so much that I decided to buy them.

They’re from a regency romance series by Jillian Hunter.

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Review: The Tale of Two Books

Book reviewI’ve recently been reading a lot of books on Social Media and content. As an author’s assistant, you might say that it’s part of the job description.  I have learned a very important lesson, not all books on social media are created equal.

Take two of the most recent books that I finished reading: Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen and 11 Rules for Creating Value by Nilofer Merchant. I could not have read more differently written books if I had actually tried to find them.

In Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen takes you through usable techniques that actually help you make the new age of dealing with the ‘online’ world work for your business.  It’s an easy read.  It was engaging, and I found myself taking notes on things that I could try for myself.  I took probably four or five pages worth of notes.   I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to use blogs, twitter, facebook, etc in their day to day business life.

On the other hand, 11 Rules for Creating Value was about as bulky as the title of the book itself.  The book didn’t engage me.  I honestly wanted to put it down after reading the first chapter.  The word that came to mind when I read it was mediocre.  It reminded me of the statistics book that I had when I was taking a class at a university.


Dry like dry toast that is dry.

Of the two, I would DEFINITELY recommend Dave Kerpen’s book. It was actually a fun read, which isn’t something that I usually think about when I think about books I read for work.  Fun, engaging and helpful.


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