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Coffee Mugs, Commiseration and Chihuahuas.

2012-02-26-028wb I’m cheating, this is actually a tea cup.  I hunted for it an an antique shop in Denver.  I was looking for one with blue roses, but found this delicate little cup instead.  I’m still hunting for the blue one.  Ahh well.

Things I’m not looking forward to this week:

– pollen

– pollen

– more pollen

– see my pollen problem?

Things I am looking forward to:

– working with a new client

– cadbury caramello ice cream


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Coffee, Commiseration and Chihuahuas

03082014-009wbI have a problem.  It’s a ‘mug life’ for me.

My collection of random mugs grows every year by at least one.  There are a few however that my hubby is not allowed to use.  You see a photo of them to the right.  =)

In other news, things I am not looking forward to:

Spring and the impending allergy attacks of doom.

Oh, and here, have a cute Chihuahua attack.


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