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Tell Me a Story: The first crush.

tell your story Hi! I’m Dahlia Donovan, a new indie author.  My debut novel, Ivy, is scheduled for release sometimes this month, hopefully.

I thought I’d tell the story of a crush.

My first crush.

I was five years old when I had my first fluttering when I looked at someone.  My memories are a little fuzzy, it was almost thirty years ago.  My family had traveled through Europe over the summer.  We stayed at a little hostel in Paris, France.  It was in an old building that had massive wooden double doors.  The dining room was home to two very old, wooden tables that were incredibly long.  They covered the length of the room with benches for seats.

Every morning, we’d head downstairs for breakfast of fresh baguettes, butter and jam with yoghurt and hot chocolate.  It was simply divine.


The part that I remember most about the hostel was the young man who was staying there. I think he was in school.  He was French, always called me, ma petite.  I’d run down the stairs and he’d swing me around until I was dizzy and giggling.  I never knew his name.  I don’t remember his face.  I have a vague recollection of a shock of brown hair.  It was silly and  I was five, and he was definitely my first crush. =)

Here’s a little teaser for Ivy:


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