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Who the bleep are my likes?

DSCF5965wb  In the past week, I’ve had several author friends ask me how they find out who likes their pages.  I figured that they couldn’t be the only ones that wondered so here’s how I found the likes on my business page.

If you have an author page and want to see who likes you:

– on your Admin Panel, select edit page and go down to use Facebook as your page.

– then at the top of the screen on the blue bar, you should see an icon with two people.

– right click on it, and then again on ‘see all’.

– a pop-up should come up that shows you all of the people who like your page.

The key point is that you have to be using facebook as the page itself, not as your regular FB. To change back to ‘yourself from the page’ just go back to ‘edit page’ and selected use Facebook as ‘you.’


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