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Value in Facebook

I thought this was interesting.


Source: Infographic by Minter Dial (The Myndset), Renaud Ramaud (designer) & YOPPS Agency.  First published here on The Myndset.


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Ten More Twitter Mistakes

…you should break immediately.

Just a few more that I thought about but didn’t fit in to my last post.  I apologize in advance for typos, I’m functioning on two hours of sleep. =)

Social Media

1. Overusing Hashtags:

If you do this, it’s annoying, stop it.  For Example: I #published a #book #Read it. #author #publishing #writer

How about. #No

2.  Klout:

I’m sure it’s all very fascinating to you what your klout score is, I just don’t think anyone else gives a monkey’s behind.

3. Retweeting a hundred posts in the space of a few seconds.

Don’t flood your readers, space out your posts, particularly promo posts or retweets.

4. Assuming that someone will follow you because you followed them, then getting irate about it when they don’t.

Just. Don’t.

5. Airing your dirty laundry in public.

Personal drama between you and another author, blogger, reviewer, agent should be kept personal.

6. Failing to fact check.

A simple google search or snopes check will easily tell you if a cry for help, sob story, heroic story or call to action are legitimate or fake.

7. Don’t be passive aggressive.

Passive aggressive posts about ‘not getting comments, reviews, etc’ turn everyone off.  If you wouldn’t want your mother in-law to passive aggressively guilt you into something, don’t do it to your followers.

8(or 7a). Don’t be a jerk.

I think I said this in the last post, but it should be repeated.  If you couldn’t say to someone’s face what you’re typing to someone on twitter, don’t do it.  Frankly, this is more a general rule of thumb than a business/author specific one.

9. Plagiarism.

It’s bad in school, college, life and life in general.  You’ll get busted for it, and you’ll look like a fool, and on one wants that.

Unless you do, and…you have bigger problems.

10.  Things to do:

– have a conversation.

– share parts of your life, story, writing process.

– pet photos….everyone loves pet photos.




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Review: Social Media going Zen?

Book reviewI’ve read a variety of books on social media in general and twitter specifically in the past few months.  They tend to fall into a couple of categories.  They are either incredibly boring filled with buzzwords that only half make sense or are somewhat fascinating with useful tips but weighed down by unnecessary tech-speak.  ‘The Tao of Twitter’  by Mark Schaefer doesn’t really fall into either of those categories.

It’s a brilliant book with an equally brilliant, yet simple concept.  The basic premise boils down  to the power of making personal connections.  It’s filled with practical advice, easy to understand explanations and interesting anecdotes.

It’s also a quick read, which is always a plus in this busy world.

I picked the book up with a slight worry that it would be filled with nonsensical information that wouldn’t work for me, and was pleasantly surprised when I was wrong.  I highly recommend it.

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Review: Content, content, content.

Book reviewContent Rules by Ann Hadley and C. C. Chapman is a book that I’ve been reading for the past two months.  It’s one of those books that I can’t race through like I usually do.  I’m a speed reader of sorts, I tend to read very quickly.

I couldn’t do that with Content Rules and not because it wasn’t an interesting read.  It was fascinating and insightful.  I took my time with it because it was relative to my business and I didn’t want to miss something.  My thoughts in bullet form since I jotted them down while reading:

– great book

– lots of useful information

– a ton of case studies that were analyzed for the reader

– amazing How-To section

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Review: The Tale of Two Books

Book reviewI’ve recently been reading a lot of books on Social Media and content. As an author’s assistant, you might say that it’s part of the job description.  I have learned a very important lesson, not all books on social media are created equal.

Take two of the most recent books that I finished reading: Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen and 11 Rules for Creating Value by Nilofer Merchant. I could not have read more differently written books if I had actually tried to find them.

In Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen takes you through usable techniques that actually help you make the new age of dealing with the ‘online’ world work for your business.  It’s an easy read.  It was engaging, and I found myself taking notes on things that I could try for myself.  I took probably four or five pages worth of notes.   I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to use blogs, twitter, facebook, etc in their day to day business life.

On the other hand, 11 Rules for Creating Value was about as bulky as the title of the book itself.  The book didn’t engage me.  I honestly wanted to put it down after reading the first chapter.  The word that came to mind when I read it was mediocre.  It reminded me of the statistics book that I had when I was taking a class at a university.


Dry like dry toast that is dry.

Of the two, I would DEFINITELY recommend Dave Kerpen’s book. It was actually a fun read, which isn’t something that I usually think about when I think about books I read for work.  Fun, engaging and helpful.


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